How did your quest into the dev world look like? That's mine:

First time: Age 12, was in a C++ evening class for like 2 weeks, I undetstood nothing.

Second time: Age 16-18
Fiddled with scripts for steam games and jailbroken my iPhone while fiddling with aystem configs. Nothing major.

Third time: Age 19, learned Python in a Cybersecurity course. Failed miserably because the tutors were shit, thought I hated programming.

Fourth time: Age 21, developed a lot of scripts in my sysadmin job, one of them needed a GUI so I leanred C# and WPF. Enjoyed it so much I eventually enrolled in a Java 10 month course.

Fifth time: Now, age 22, learning Android and Fullstack javascript by myself. Enjoying every moment.
I still work as a sysadmin though.

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    Very short actually, in high school we had to choose what follow up study we were going to do, I chose programming because I saw some stuff animated in flash and I thought it was cool... But I chose a backend education.. Instant got hooked 😇
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    Hopefully learbing somethibg new in a future dev job
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    It's pretty short since I'm still pretty young.

    First time: When I was 10 I started learning raw HTML. Can't really say I was good at those times.

    Second time: About one year later. Re-visit of Web development. Learned JS and CSS, finally my websites looked like something.

    Third time: This year I learned PHP, C# and finally created REAL usable websites with authentication.

    Programming sure is interesting.
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