There is like a dozen shows streaming on how actual impostors imposted the shit out of people.

I never claimed to be the heir of a machine that can make art out of deposits of a single drop of blood to dozens of people on dating apps.
I never said that I can double their bitcoins by harvesting carbon monoxide and recycling plastic into endangered fauna, expanding the mind of humanity.
I never got private-jet levels of money to do something I knew to be completely impossible from the beginning.

If I ever feel like an impostor, I could honestly say that make for a very lousy one.
I guess I've got impostor syndrome squared - I feel like I'm really bad at impostor-ing, but people could be thinking that I am better at pretending to pretend to be something I actually am.

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    i just dont get how people can advertise themselves saying stuff like "get rich from my advice" or any of that stuff. i would immediately feel like garbage. i guess some people just have no sense of self worth (or care about money more than their sense of self worth - gross)
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    also +1 for "imposted" 😂
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