So i want to send my build to app store, from my iphone.

I want to log into iTunesConnect.

"It just works"

Yeah, right. Login page for itunesconnect does not render correctly on Safari web browser, on iphone, login arrow is not visible, and elements are scattered around.


On Google Chrome, it looks okay!!!!!!!!!!!

After some tapping on screen, and rotating the device, i somehow found invisible arrow and managed to sign in.

BUT. Once inside i was unable to complete the process because UI refuses to scroll down :(

The pain...

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    I don't like Apple at all, but with Steve Jobs there wouldn't have been such bullshit.
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    Steve Jobs wanted quality. These guys toda just sell the fog, thats how it looks to me.
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    @AlexDeLarge Why so mean? Steve Jobs was the one who made sure that the company was running properly. He wasn't a saint, but when he was there, there wasn't any shit like that.
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    @AlexDeLarge He would do that. Rmotely. From VR. He was such badass.
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    @tracktraps For the record, iTunesConnect was just as shitty under Steve Jobs. It's actually gotten a lot better if you can believe it. Sadly dev tools are not Apple's focus. And good luck using it on a phone, lol.
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    Doesn't iTunes connect have an app that can handle these things? It was it only for reviewing statistics?
    Have you checked it?
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    @devios1 Google got this right for store management imo
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    @gitpush I haven't used Google's tools but it wouldn't be hard. Honestly I've gotten used to it now and like I said it's way better than it used to be. Thankfully I don't have to spend a lot of time on there.

    And yes there is an app version but it's not even worth downloading. Can't do anything except check the status of your app and a few reports. You're better off suffering through the web site.
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    @devios1 I was hoping I'd read a different response but I seems I just need to give up on Apple as their Dev tools are realllllllllllllly bad 🙄
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    @gitpush I don't know, I still prefer Xcode over Visual Studio, but both have their pros and cons.
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    @devios1 Yeah, you're right. iTunesConnect wasn't too great. But at least he has created innovation. At the moment, innovation is not noticeable at Apple.
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    @tracktraps They're wasting their time on Apple Watch, imo. I could be wrong but I see it as a dead end fad.
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    @devios1 wow first time I see someone prefer Xcode than using other IDEs 😅
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    @gitpush I said Visual Studio specifically. I'm not saying Xcode is an angel. There's a lot that frustrates me about it, but I find Visual Studio even more frustrating.
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