when every junior is writing algorithms, the next step up, the only way to keep up is writing apps. When every junior is writing apps, the next leg up is writing an entire SN.

Eventually junior full stack devs are writing microservice streaming cloud backend content delivery optimized social networks wrapped in virtualization with load balancing, proper CI, public accessible analytics apis, written in custom webaseembly compiled scripting backend utilizing both the latest graphql and every single feature of postgres, while also being a web site builder, an in browser app, mobile optimized, designed to transmogrify your asset pipelines linearflow functional-oriented modular rust cratified turbencabulator while cooking your turducken with CPU cycles, diffusing your gpt, and finetunning your llama 69 trillion parameter AI model to jerk you off all at the same time.

And then the title "wizard" becomes a reality as the void of meaning in our lives occupied by the anxiety of trying to reduce the fear of rejection in job hunting, is subsumed by the brief accidental glance into the cthulian madness-inducing yawning abyss of the future which is all the rest of our lives we have to endure existing for until at last sweet sweet death consumes us and we go to annihilation never having to configure one more framework or devops deploy of another virtual environment.

And it dawns on us that we no longer develop or write code at all. No, everything has become a "service" in this new hellscape future. We slowly come to the realization that every job is really just Costco greeter, or eventually going to be reduced to something equivalent, all human creativity, free will and emotions now taken care of by the automation while we manage the human aspects, like sardines pushing against one another not realizing their doom has been sealed along with the airless can they have been packed into, to be suffocated by circumstance and a system designed to reduce everything to a competition of metrics designed by the devil, if the metrics were misery", and "torture", while we ourselves are driven by this ratfuck wheel to turn endlessly toward social cannibalism, like rats eating their babies, but for the amusement of wallstreet corporate welfare whores who couldnt turn a dime if it wasnt already stolen.

And on our gravestones, those immortal words are carved, by the last person who gave up the ghost, the last whose soul wasnt yey shovelled onto the coal fires driving the content machine consuming the world:

Welcome to costco. I love you.

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    Don't worry too much. Heart disease in on the rise and I expect it to ramp up this fall. Dat climate change is gonna get us. ;-)
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    I love that movie
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    Holy shit man that was intense
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    @Demolishun "Don't worry too much. Heart disease in on the rise and I expect it to ramp up this fall."

    I think thats a meme fed to the public to keep the prepper elements complacent.

    If it didn't exist we already woulda united the far right preppers with the far left bernie bros and burned everything to the fucking ground.
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    @chonky-quiche It's a fantastic portent of the final doom of humanity. Whats your favorite part?
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    @jsframework9000 "Holy shit man that was intense"

    I aim to tease, squeeze, and please, a rollercoaster of invective, incoherent raucous recursive diatribes, and madness piped straight from the collective unconscious, like ripping open the public and reconfigure grey matter.

    If you enjoyed it, its only because I am a mindreader, and I know what bedevils you, and the answer to the collective madness, the malaise of dysfunction cancerous consuming humanity is simple: poison for cure.

    The answer is violence. Okay, okay, maybe not that. But some people should definitely start to find ways to reduce their tax burdens or something thats considered equally terroristic, like wasting government official's time on the phone.
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    @Alexanderr I'm high on despair, terrorism, and mescaline.

    Mescaline all the way.


    Mostly terrorism.

    But like, the sexy kind of terrorism: saying things in public that piss people off, just because.
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    @ostream sounds like a dream. why spain though?

    and btw, yurt > tipi
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    @Wisecrack slowly but surely.
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    @Wisecrack probably when the guy is taking his IQ test and he’s like all embarrassed and tries to hide the block. Like yeah… same man
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    @chonky-quiche I'd forgotten about that part, lol.

    You're obviously a man of culture and good taste.
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    @Wisecrack idk about that lol but thanks!
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