In my previous job, the head of tech was a bully and my project manager had an affair and probably sex at work with him after I rejected her attentions. They both played against me at work. Not to talk about the call centre there.. Have you ever tried to focus on programming whilst people at call centre talk loud about how often they walk their dog to poo? I've been used there and then kicked out in a very sneaky way. They didn't fire me because I've been awesome (as far as my colleagues said) at work, they just made me want to leave after increasing my salary. I left that job with disgust and indignation. My new job now is far better but still hear the voice of the head of tech sometime as a ghost in my head. If I was another kind of person I would have probably punched his mouth until it stopped offending and harassing me because of too much bleed in the teeth.

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    Glad you landed on your feet!

    Those two conniving fuckers will implode, that kind of shit is not sustainable.

    Always remember to report fucking at work to your health and safety representative 😜

    Either that or shout it around the office when they’re off for one!

    “Woooo! Crack on guys! Get it up her!” - watch how quick that shit stops.
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    Probablly should have had sex with the project lead.

    Anyway, glad it worked out 😄
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    @Froot I don't really mind who she has sex or make love with even if she's married. Just don't use that against me that I'm doing my own business.. that's just poor power playing no matter the reason. In her mind I was like an enemy to fight 😕
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    @gverse1 mm that's sad
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    @Froot yeah have to say that people in that company were easily brainwashed and excitable. One day your colleagues loved you the next day wanted to kill you for any clear reason. It was all nice and lovely at the beginning then craziness all over the place. I guess that's what you get when you mix different business team and sections in the same communal area (there were no separation walls). Lot talking and gossip.
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