I know I haven't been responding to a lot of you lately. I've been busy helping neighbors and my community, doing MAAAAAATH, working on my car, and moving a shit ton of scrap and lumber.

I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle. Fuck, maybe I'm experiencing a midlife crisis, but early.

Been busy doing some design work as well for the game, and arrived at something that I'm satisfied with enough that I might demo it.

I'm also looking for a job, and I think I might give up programming as a career path and persue welding or trucking or something considering theres basically zero opportunities for it unless you went to college.

It's good to have hobbys anyway. And who wants to turn their hobby into a job right?

Anyway, thats whats been going on with me.

Completely unrelated, but heres a really fantastic introduction to the basics of type theory:


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