Where do you guys follow the news regarding your current language? Is there some good place other than the official stuff? I mean I do C# but I don't feel like reading the Microsoft website... It's just seems so off and unnatural to read :D

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    why would i want to keep myself updated when i can barely understand what code i write now lol.
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    Myself just cppcon and cppreference.

    Any other language (except lisp) is below in the ordos cognoscendi, so it's easy to port the knowledge.
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    I use rss feed aggregator Feedly (https://feedly.com/) and subscribe to a few .net/c# sources. Scott Hanselman uses his other platforms (twitter, tiktok, etc) more, but his blog is pretty good source of info.
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    any sufficiently relevant new feature _will_ have a noob asking a dumb questions about it that are answered by the documentation, and there will be a comment linking said documentation.
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