Not a rant but a piece of advice.
Try drink coke (Coca-Cola) instead of coffee. Besides waking you up, it will give food from your brain.
It helped me a lot as a programmer when coffee couldn't do it

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    Too much sugar and diet coke is nasty. just drink some water after coffee.
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    protein bars. can eat with one hand and type with the other. some days they're the only reason I don't starve.
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    Sorry bud, but this is some pretty terrible advice. Some studies say that soda is almost as bad as smoking.
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    and when that dossent work, start doing drugs! yea
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    This is terrible advice
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    @vinerz Gotta disagree... I get its healthy, but caffeine gives an actual HIGH. 10g of sugar from an apple doesn't do shit for me.
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    Coca-cola, packed with sugar. Increase your waistline and decrease your health. Dissolve your teeth and increased risk of type 2 diabetes, which is related to weight gain. Don't touch the stuff, same goes for all the stimulation drinks (red bull et al).
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