One of the biggest challenges for me learning to program is my memory.

Some people can pick up concepts easily and have a field day. I have to keep practicing until I memorize it properly, and even then I have the tendency to struggle.

Does this mean I give up? Helllll no. I'm far from giving up with all the progress I've made.

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    I have focus issues. Aside from like sports events, I can't focus for more than 30 minutes or so. I really want to try Adderall, but I can't legally get my hands on some. And I'd rather not obtain it illegally, as it'll likely cost more.
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    @jhh2450 I was on Adderall to accompany my ADHD (double whammy).
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    @GitHubUser4500 same.

    I've found several methods of coping that work very well for me. It's actually less coping and more exploiting ADHD 😊

    1) caffeine is an almost stand-in for ADD medications. It helps me focus for long periods of time. Energy drinks also have this effect, but amplified!
    2) think about / do multiple things at once. If one task doesn't fill your attention, two or three will. Try working on multiple things at once -- you might find it really helps!
    3) background music helps fill your attention as well.
    4) watch terrible shows on Netflix while working. They're awful so they don't distract when you actually can focus, fill in when you can't, and provide something mildly entertaining when you're busy thinking/planning. (Subtitles ruin the experience since they require your attention.)
    5) go for walks! Moving around really helps me think. Talking to myself helps a bit, too, though I don't do this much when others are around.

    I get a lot more done now than before. And often much more than my co-workers once they stop pestering me 😋😊
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    I map things using "memory palace" technique.

    It pairs well with studying something aside of it, I simply find things that are slightly similar and pair them together.

    Bonus points if you can pair something you find funny x)

    My biggest hurdle is my thoughts getting all jumbled together and pretty much becoming akin to a madmans rambling
    , I started practicing mindfulness and meditation to combat that.. :)
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