With all the people showing off their setup and input devices i thought it's time to show you my keyboard...

Key features:
- mechanical keys
- sturdy af; best for ranting (survived more angry fist strokes than any device should ever receive)
- older than me and outlived 5 (!) mice
- awesome retro look
- would beat a nokia in hunger games
- best code buddy ever (and propably oldest, too)

Hope i'll be able to continue coding on it another 20 years... Someday i may gift it to my grandchildren.

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    Yeah those really are sexy AF. I want one like this too but they are being sold so expensive on eBay (like wtf) and sometimes I'm looking on our local scrapyard but never found one :(
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    I am really a lucky guy... got this thing together with my first PC back when i was 8 or 9 years old. It was already used by my uncle for a long time before that. I disliked the old fashioned thing at the beginning, but now i am the happiest keyboard owner on earth =D
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    Those were the days when you could bang nails into the walls with such a keyboard. Today's rubber keyboards suck.

    I remain faithful to my Cherry g80-3000 (mx blue)
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    @irene you definitely should... Those things are just perfect in form and function, although they were produced in a time when pc keyboards weren't the rocket science Razer & co made out of them.
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    @b3b3 you could dig around a tech school or college, chances are they'll have some of those just collecting dust or in their trash containers :p
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    @irene is it part of the IBM/360 computer series? Maybe the model 91? Then i honestly see your problem there =D
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    Ibm model m????
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    @irene the model 91 has no numpad at all, makros only i guess. Best interface for programming ;)

    @AleCx04 my keyboard is a KB-3926 (according to the little sticker on the bottom). The model m seems to be a little bit older...
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    @lotd I actually am on a "tech school". Sadly we only have plastic membrane shit keyboards. (Maybe I'm gonna steal one because they look equal and put my mechanical switches in there and stuff. Could work I think)
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    Ah model M.
    You can kill someone with it and still be able to type an epitaph.
    I own 2, and a similar by compaq.
    Unfortunately wife doesn't sees it that way when she's in bed behind one wall, so I opted for a brown cherry model. Still a little loud though.
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    @Byomeer Isn't that a rubber dome keyboard? But yeah, even those, made by IBM, are absolutely undestroyable (I tried once, and I failed). Has IBM ever made buckling spring keyboards with windows/super keys?
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    Didn't noticed the windows key, you're right can't be a model M.
    But it looks older than the black ones from thinkcenter. He should check if the key covers are removable.
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    @nbamaral I got mine when doing a hardware rollout for a bank. :D

    At that time I didn't have much money so I was very happy about the set of periphery (mouse, keyboard and 24" monitor) for free.
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    Ahahah you're like me, can't stand see something beautiful going to trash :)
    I was able to reduce my collection of computers and miscellaneous hardware a lot after 3 house moves. But it's somehow comforting to know I have at least one serial mouse, a XT keyboard or even a light pen if I ever need them :D
    I have parts to fix almost any generation pc, isa onwards :p
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    @7400 i have'nt opened mine: too afraid to destroy this granny =D
    But i've seen disassembly videos of other spring driven IBM keyboards with windows keys somewhere on Youtube. Just search for KB-3926 (that's mine) disassembly...
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    Outlived 120 mice? Damn.
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    @awnumar that was actually the reason for the brackets ;P
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    It's beautiful 😍
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