What's with the resurgence of mechanical keyboards? Things are supposed to get better, not recycled.
This is technology, not fashion.

For me, the flat scissor switch keys on laptops have the best feel, speed and ease.

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    I believe they're more durable than membrane keyboards (i.e. Laptop keyboards)

    They're also preferred by gamers because due to increased tactile feedback, and generally larger key press distances required for activation (so as to avoid accidental key presses). Since the gaming industry represents a significant portion of the (specifically high-end) computer peripheral industry, that's what the market follows the demands for
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    I think it all depends on your preference as a user. I personally like the feel of typing on my mechanical keyboard. It’s like manual vs automatic transmissions in cars. In the US the majority drive automatics while some prefer manual gearboxes.
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    @Ezard My Logitech NewTouch 100 is probably a membrane keyboard and has lasted 8 years and still going. But for most people a few years are enough. And membranes provide that.

    Again, this keyboard isn't flat so it has the travel distance gamers may need. I've been using it to play dota for 8 yrars now.
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    @turturtles Preferences are fine. No arguement against that.

    But why are web articles touting mechanical as superior?

    Also why the resurgence now? Why not 5 years ago? What has changed?
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    @samir they did resurge more than 5 years ago, there's been boutique sellers making new ones for a while. Back when I built my PC in 2012, it was all the rage too. They've been resurging slowly for a while, man.
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    @iam13islucky Interesting. Thanks.
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    Because they are better.

    I have a CODE keyboard with Cherry MX Clear switches, damped.

    You don't have to "bottom" a mechanical keyboard, there is no need to depress the key fully.

    They can be noisy though - but not much noisier than Apple's latest laptop keyboards.
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    I wasn't aware they did disappear oO
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