As a big company CTO will you hire developers from Africa. And how much will you recommend as starting salary .

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    I'm not a big company CTO but all the CTOs i know here in stockholm (both at big and small companies) are recruiting globally, africa isn't excluded.

    There are no real starting salaries for workers from outside the european union though, we have enough fresh out of school and generally bad-mediocre developers locally to fill the entry level openings without having to arrange work permits and visas.

    The ones who are brought in from outside the EU tend to have a few years experience and some level of expertise and get salaries in the $70-100k / year range.
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    If I were a CTO at a big company (which I am not sadly) I wouldn't really care where the people I hire come from, I would just hire the best person for the job! And starting salary would be negotiated the same as for everyone else. (but then again, I have zero CTO experience so don't take advice from me haha)
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