Yesterday night I was driving by train. And I overheard a random dude how he is studying computer science. Drunk me decided to give him some advice, so I told to use github. Instead of using ubuntu he should try out arch or gentoo, to learn how all parts work together. But because I was pretty drunk, I probably confused him more, then anything else. Oops.

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    I was introduced to Linux by a stranger in a McDonald's parking lot. That said, you probably did more good than harm by putting the ideas in his head for later study.
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    @chadd17 thanks for saying that :) I always try to do good, but as for yesterday I'm not really sure. But you are probably right, either he takes my advice or he thinks I was a drunk retard. I guess that's okay :D
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    You don't drive by the train. You RIDE the train. You definitely were(are?) drunk :)
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    @Cyanide haha, nah my english is just shitty.
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    @AlexDeLarge whoop whoop, welcome to the club! I'm a little drunk right now too! I'm going home now,so I'll be baked too, and I just bought some preparations :D
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    @AlexDeLarge hrhr, nice! :)
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    @AlexDeLarge will you be at the 34c3? I would love to smoke one with you together.
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    @chadd17 Was he in a van?
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    Just realized my comment makes Linux sound like a drug.
    A helluva drug.
    (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
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