So, at the very day I've been expelled, the university cancelled my MSDNAA account as if they thought they would punish me. (They got Office, Windows and everything Microsoft for students for free there)

It's sad but half of the students have no idea what MSDNAA is and how to use it. Then there is the other half who would still feel like they've been stolen from even if they got a MS product for free.

And then there is me. Because of math which is significantly impossible, I've been expelled. Fuck.

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    @ThatDude I screwed up Math twice in a row.
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    Truth is that these accounts are linked to AD entity's, so they most likely set a flag on the account that indicates that you aren't a student at that institution anymore and that pulled your access rights.
    Fair enough this program is intended to be a tool for institutions to provide access to software to be used in their lectures, is rather costly and comes with a good batch of rules for enrolled partners. I would be surprised if "Restrict access in case student leaves facility" isn't one of them.
    So all in all sorry for you but most likely not a punishment
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    You only get two chances to pass your Math?
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    Three attempts per semester, @catintroholic. They wouldn't let me do the math from the first semester in the third because they let me try again in the second. Two attempts = six single exams.

    They look like they don't believe in me.
    I'll start my own university.
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