Had an intern go configure a bunch of workstations for our employees over the summer - we gave him a checklist and let him loose.
Several months later... Try to support a user with their workstation and find out that $software isn't installed on said workstation. Check other workstations. No $software on any of them.
Ask intern "did you follow the checklist we gave you??!"
Intern: "Yeah, I followed it."
Ask intern: "So why is $software not installed on the workstations?"
Intern: "Oh I didn't have a copy of $software so I skipped that step."
So he's probably getting shitcanned soon...

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    That's common when you provide someone with some tasks to do and not enough resources and/or access rights to do this.

    You SHOULD control him and regularly ask him if he has everything he needs and about the progress.
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    @mt3o no, he must have asked for it. If you are told to build a car and they don't give you the brakes do you build one without them and say it's finished?
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    He just suck at doing things.
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    @PRein if you are experienced, yes. But that guy is an intern, not even aware of all procedures and probably too shy to ask for stuff he needs.
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    @ClemFrieckie having been the intern in that position, I'd usually agree with you. This intern was with us for their second summer and had done well enough the first summer for us to trust them on their own for this seemingly simple, hard-to-fuck-up task. Wrong...
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    @mt3o was there for their 2nd summer, we thought we could trust them. Didn't have any issues with them setting up the same stuff elsewhere, so why'd they fuck up here... Nobody knows
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