1) Looking up official Page of the new language/framework
2) Watch tutorial on Youtube
3) Realise it's teached very complicated
4) Buy a course on any course site
5) Realise it's even more complicated
6) Buy book
7) Learn it perfectly
#booksForLive :D

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    @Lahsen2016 yes maybe, but I find books more comfortable. With them i have my own pace of learning. :)
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    I was books all the way for years but I found that any book I bought was already outdated based on the idea they were using or the version.

    I still down the books and print off a chapter for reference material but mostly purchase courses these days.

    Both have their pluses and minuses
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    8. Realize books are outdated in half a year and the entire Syntax changed
    9. Cry.
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    I usually learn the stuff by looking up the official documentation, trying to implement some common use-case and looking for more specific information if I encounter an issue. That's how I did it with .NET Core for my internship
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    Guys stop crying :d, you use books for the language philosophy so to say and docs for the syntax ;)
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