Imagine you were developing an on screen keyboard that has a word prediction function and you have access to unlimited resources. Like Apple for instance.

Would you prioritize common English words like at, and, in, or, what, the

Or would you prioritize letter combinations like ave, ayy, inn, our, eraser, three

Would you use your vast resources to build in any context processing at all that suggests the next word based the previous words?

Would you then also delete parts of the text that have already been typed when the user decides against your suggestion?

I know what Apple would do.

This message took 25+ corrections.

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    Let’s try and see what my experience is. For this text I’m only using the first letter of each word and then I select one of the suggestions. Sometimes I need to type two letters. And very rarely I need to type three.
    Seems to be working perfectly.

    And this text is written by using the swipe feature. It works very well as you can see and it’s much faster.

    Now let’s see how many corrections I needed to make… exactly zero.
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    Predictive text is pretty much a solved problem, as evidenced by chatgpt.

    The usual challenges are not in the software, they are in the user (because most people write like shit) or because you have, like me, several languages configured, and it can't pick the right one at the beginning.
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    @Lensflare It works on my machine doesn't work for real life problems.

    My Android gets it right on the first try, almost every time.

    13 corrections.
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    @cuddlyogre I had 3 personal iphones and many company iphones. It works on all of my machines.

    Just posting this so that others don’t get the impression that it’s something that every user experiences.
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    @Lensflare I'm far from an outlier in this, and I want to make sure others know they aren't alone.

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    All decent forms, be it web or native, indicate the type of the field to be password. And any predictive keyboard worth its salt knows not to mess with input to a password field.
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