So, today's the day.
I'm moving to Canada! Super excited, but kind tired of all the moving around I did throughout the years...

Wish me luck 😊

Also, how many of you have moved countries at some point, as with our profession it seems quite easy?

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    Happy and safe journey.
    I wish you have a great experience at Canada.
    About your question, I agree that moving shouldn't be our problem until and unless we own a gaint workstation setup. Haha.
    I have never moved across countries. Still have to spread out my wings to go outside of my country..
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    @github thanks, man! Nothing's wrong with taking beloved tech possessions with you ;)

    It is a great experience to be exposed to different cultures 😊
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    @olezhka yup. Even I want to roam around the world, learn different cultures and try out different foods(since I am a foodie)...
    Too keen to start my journey to reveal all these.. well, some day soon is all I am waiting for now..
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    The main problem I've found with trying to work in other countries is that often, companies simply can't be bothered with the required paperwork
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    @Ezard true. They expect you to have the paperwork already and more often than not are not interested in sponsoring you...
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    @Thanyil nothing major, as me and my wife both work for same company and are just being transferred to Canada and are retaining our jobs :) so they issued us work permits for 2 years initially and that's it.
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