There was a meme that was going around a couple of years ago, it was picture of the System32 folder in Windows and underneath it was a text that said "If you want to make your internet download speed faster, delete this folder". I had shared it on Facebook, thinking nobody could fall for this.

Surely enough, about half an hour later came the surge of messages saying that they're not able to delete the folder and wanted help. Most of them were my classmates in college.

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    What are your classmates studying? Hopefully not IT!
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    @coolq, Computer Science Engineering mate. It's ridiculous how unbothered with technical knowledge they are.
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    I already feel sorry for them.

    #Customer: Hey, my computer's running a bit slow, can you help me?
    #Them: Sure! I'll just delete the system32 folder, and you'll be all good to go ...
    #Customer: Now the screen is blue, and I see a giant ':(' !
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