Moving away from technology and becoming self-sufficient. A cottage with a stream on the edge of a forest, a large garden, some chickens and other animals, and no smart devices, managers, tickets, KPAs, performance reviews, legendary devs shitting out an endless stream of bugs, etc.

Peace and quiet.
And freedom at last.
That’s success.

That’s the ultimate success: escape.

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    Yup having won limitless time to your command is the ultimate win.
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    You can always resign and apply to Huawei!
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    I have taken the first step, you guys can too! It’s achievable you just gotta take baby steps.
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    (me, sitting in the study of my off-the-grid cottage making a blog to keep track of the birds and foliage around my house, only accessible via the local intranet)
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    @AlgoRythm Doesn’t that sound nice?
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    @chonky-quiche yea I think a mistake a lot of people make is taking the off grid life as a binary choice. Really it’s a series of steps and just dumping all the savings into moving away. It’s usually more of a process and chasing habits and gradually getting places less and less connected and finding arrangements more and more flexible
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    I almost want to buy a tiny home, they cost very little and low maintenance. I don’t need a fucking big ass bear cave, all I need is a nice area I can hike and a place to cook/game/take a shit/sleep.
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    And a sauna
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    @gymmerDeveloper Have you ever seen how farm life actually works? Animal and crops doesn't mnow what PRO is so its far from "unlimited time at your command"
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    @ostream That's a cool compromise 👍👍
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    pretty much this.

    Did the large garden. You wouldn't believe how many fucking potatoes will grow on an acre. Peppers, sun flowers, tomatos, the works.

    And even more weeds if you aren't careful.

    Still the plan, preferably next to a national forest, maybe a river.

    Wanna do masonry and sculpting. Put a plexiglass walk right above the surface of a lake, so people can walk out on it like they're walking on water. And in the center, a sculpture of a ladies arm sticking out, holding a sword, lady-o-the-lake style.

    Just a bunch of weird elegant shit like that, things straight out of myst.

    The world needs more enchantment and 'spaces out of time'.

    Mostly I want to build a giant maze like one of them old italian gardens. Set it deep inna woods.

    I'm just gonna say it right now.

    Its an excuse to own a minotaur.

    Btw, anyone selling a 'like new' minotaur or no where I can find one?
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