Hi guys!

I never thought that this day will come, be here is my first rant with a big dose of frustration.

So, I'm working on the API team of one of ower products and a coworker that works on the webapp has a lot of problems (don't want to be mean, but he has problems like 'i can't catch a 404 http status, please send a 200 with a message' ) and he always go and wines about the API and that he can't do his job because the API is faulty...

But it is not the case, every functionality of the API is well tested and it works as it should.

So, tonight I was the only one left from my team and the project manager comes and
starts asking me about why I am returning http status codes with all my responses, how the login works and other stuff like that...

Just wasted more than an hour to prove that all the code that I wrote works as expected...

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