The worst interview . . . .

So I wasn't looking for a job, but I wasn't happy in mine, and I would listen to pitches. Recruiter calls me about a Java job. I tell him I know JS and it's probably not a good fit. He insists my resume looks good and that they are happy to train. I know just enough Java to relent. Eventually we set up an phone interview for a day I happen to have off anyway because I'm going out of town. Morning of, I'm waiting around for the call. An hour after the scheduled time, the recruiter calls and tells me they had an "emergency" and wouldn't be able to speak today. One whole hour of my day, making me late to leave town: no one anywhere in the whole company could give me a call, no explanation, no apologies, for a job I had told them I wouldn't be a good fit for anyway.

I left them hanging the rest of the weekend and then take my name out of the running on Monday. Respect people's time and lives!

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    Sounds like a clumsy recruiter, but come on - one hour is not that much (unless you're at the dentist..)
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    @simeg one hour itself is not much, but the specific timeframe isn't the point. My time meant nothing to them and all of my plans were thrown off as a result. It's unprofessional and disrespectful.
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    @chewbacca may be you should have told them your plans instead?
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    @monothorn Maybe a company should keep appointments?
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