So I have question about my resume.
During my college time, I have done two projects related to politics:
One is to analyze the bias of media. What I did is scrape news covers for Trump and Hillary during election year and get sentiment analysis. The result is not surprising that among NY Times, NBC, Fox, Eashington Post, and CNN, Fox news is clearly favoring Trump, since Fox news is a republican news site.
The other project I did was to analyze the speech complexity and sentiment of the election. One of the observation we made was that Hillary and Trump are almost at the same level regarding speech complexity. However, Trump has a more positive sentiment in the speech, which is true consider how much he loves to say make America great again.

Now the question is, when I gave my advisor my resume, she said that I'd better not put those two projects on my resume since they are related to politics.

But, I am applying for a data science master degree. Seriously, I was just collecting the data and the data speaks for himself, why should I take those projects off my resume? I'm very proud of those projects I did as a matter of fact.

So here is the question. Shall I take off those two projects on my resume because they were political or I should leave it thereawarreally need some professional views. Please.

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    Getting hired is maybe a lengthy battle in an interview, but getting rejected doesn't need much time.
    You'll never know how assoholic your interviewer might be. So its always good to take precautions.

    And you fuck not remove those projects from ur resume cz those things can surely add up weight for the position you're applying to but be sure to present it without any political bias (from the interviewers perspective). Just try your max to Abstract the political results in it and you are good to go!
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