Manager: let's use elasticsearch for performing relational queries. PostgreSQL performance is not great.

Me: Say what? ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

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    Let's use java for this complex simulation. C++'s performance is not great.
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    Well... Most of the time I'll end this quickly.

    If u want <insert shiny stuff>, I'll want an overview of all costs, migration timeplan and an timeplan for the necessary learning Phase before deployment.

    No shortcuts. Include the current project dead lines and the necessary time budget for QA.

    Then. Let's see if shiny stuff is it really worth or if u just want another toy to play with instead of just using what WE have.

    And yes I am very tired of such discussions as most of the time the explanation boils down to: 1) was made for it 2) more Speed 3) it's cool.

    And... Of course it must be Power Point :)
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    I finally got a job that uses postgres. I am so happy :) just another postgres praise post!
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    @IntrusionCM you are forgetting how the new shiny tech fits into the architecture of the application. I want a new revision of architecture design that uses this new tech.

    I also want the implementation of this new technology into the application while the other member of my team is working on a power point explaining the same.
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