Fuck fuck fuck
Linux mint disconuting kde version
18.3 will be last version with official mind kde 😭

I always prefer mint kde rather than kubuntu
In my own experience I always found mint kde more stable than kubuntu
And I loved mint update software

Probably go with the now kde neon or back to elementary !
I used elementary for 2 years or so I installed kde mint last year and that's what I like the most now 😒
Not a gnome fan
Will try arch again 😄
Manjaro kde is good too so.

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    What's the problem? You can install any window manager and desktop environment you want. You don't have to stick with your distros default.

    That's the freedom a free system gives you (you know, not free as in free beer)
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    Agree. But the I preferred mint kde as "official" because before they released the kde version they removed known issues and it just feels more polished and smooth rather then just install kde on top of mint
    But it was coming for like 1 year
    They were short on manpower
    So it's understandable.
    Will give kubuntu 18.04 lte one more try or then just go with the neon
    Elementary is also working hard
    I'm excited to see what they will come up after 18.04 base release.
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    sudo apt install kde-desktop - solved!
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    @linuxxx I already said in other comments why I don't want to do that 😄. Tho thanks 😊 if that's all they have to do in mint they wouldn't discontinued 😂😄
    Will go with neon after 5.12 plasma lts with the base of 18.04 🙂
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