Hey guys, I am getting into game engine development and I wanted to start off with a simple 2D engine. But I don't know which source is the best to stick with.

So if anyone who has any experience in this field could tell me what course/tutorial they feel is the best to begin with, it would be really helpful.

My programming knowledge is strongest in C++.

I would also like to know as to how long would it take for a normal C++ dev to come up with a half decent game engine?

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    I started with making an 2D AABB (aka rotated rectangle) and detection of intersections (hint: rotating around an edge to make the calculations easier). that helped me getting a feeling for all those Sines and cosines that will show up
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    I used https://learnopengl.com/ to learn 2D/3D graphics in c++. It's explains everything really well I think. And opengl is platform independent so I guess that'd be the best to learn. I hope you needed a resource for graphics and not logic or anything xD
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    @romangraef All right. I'll check it out.
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    @b3b3, I actually did. I wanted to know the best way to start. Thanks for the graphics part though, I'll go through them.
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