Hi All, I used to be a user on devrant while I was in middle/highschool. I kinda forgot about it for a long time but I rediscovered the app when I saw a sticker on a retired laptop.

Quick Intro
CS Student at Drexel, 4th year out of 5

I want a career in software and want to reserve
hardware related things for hobbyist endeavors.
I made a 3x3 macropad with a pi pico including designing and printing the pcb, soldering all the components, and then writing the firmware (micropython blegh). My goal is to daily drive a 75% keyboard of my own making

Currently my main keyboard when I'm using my desktop is a Keychron v1 with Haimou Hearbeat silents and sugarplum keycaps (lmk if you want pics)

I like martial arts, while I practice BJJ, I am interested in Judo and Muay Thai as well.

I like History and Linguistics

The above point got me into power metal, mainly sabaton and then bands similar to it

Ill finish off with some nerdshit
I use a framework with fedora as my daily driver, I am a neovim enjoyer, my steam deck is gathering dust, and I have more Pi's than I know what to do with.

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    you can sell your pis for a pretty good price methibks.

    Years ago I gave my pis to a friend because I wasn't doing anything with it.

    Last year I wanted to maybe do a project and discovered that they are out of stock everywhere
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    @iceb exactly why I’m afraid parting with them lol
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    @kobenz I want to say nvim-cmp? I use lsp zero because it seemed the easiest way to get what I wanted and after I set it up it kinda just worked so I have looked into it too much
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