We are now in a full swing enshittification of the entire internet. Almost no companies are interested in providing any value, it's the phase of securing the position between those that provide value and clients - and just collecting rents. Capture enough of the market, milk the product and the client, turn the service into shit while charging progressively more until it all burns and crashes. And then, well, pass go, collect $200, rinse and repeat.

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    @Nanos introducing our brand new tech, cloudless! You can now use your computer to run and own your processes, increase your security, and leverage the faster response times provided by your own infrastructure. Own your fate TM.
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    thanks for info
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    It's because we have reached the peak of currently achievable technolgy. Unless someone manages invent something entirely new and extraordinary one day.

    What are the new values they are supposed to give anyway? They have all been done.

    We can see this with smartphones manufacturing too. They can't add any value to their products anymore. They can't help but rely on gimmicks nobody really wanted, such as flip phone? foldable phone? More and more cameras on the body?

    Don't they want to present something new and extraordinary? Of course they want! It will put them ahead of competitors (fellow phone makers) instantly. But sadly, as I said, we Homo Sapiens has currently reached the limit on what we can create.
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    That's a wholesome rant i have seen after a long while. Thank you @msdsk.
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    @daniel-wu I think you are way off with your assumptions. I have just started to explore other fields for vertical growth and i see a lot of scope of things that can be achieved in a lot of fields. Speaking about what more could mobile manufacturors do, those dumbshits are the least open to adapt to better technology, they just want a slightly better version of whatever's already there with minimal cost addition, I would love to see a few of the exisiting technologies on my phone like haptic interface, neural link or even os level support for quantization, that would allow local llms to run smoothly on a device.
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    @coldfire neural link on smartphones? The problem is, who wants that? Considering how much data google mined from us, one has to be insane to allow them to interface with his brain wave.

    The thing with customer product is, you have to create something that people want. That's why google lens failed. That's why metaverse failed.
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