And the award for Most Useful Comment goes to...

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    Oh, is that what it's doing?
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    At least you know that's all the variables and there won't be any others declared later on...
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    Hahaha. Lol😂😂
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    @Jonnyforgotten that's what I was thinking too
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    Btw, that was on the W3C website.
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    That isn’t “all” the variables. Sure I’ll be able to think of some not declared.
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    I’d remove the shit out of that if I found that in any codebase.
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    me as a newbie programmer 😂😂😂
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    Worst? Not even close! 😌

    One example off the top of my head; shamelessly stolen link from another discussion. 😈


    Or...the classic Error message that spits out
    "See log for details"
    then to find that Log file has only that same line and nothing else. Lol. Granted, that's not Comment, but somewhat related level of frustration, to say the least.
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    I laughed !
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    Comments should describe WHY specific code is used, never WHAT the code is doing!! Why? Because WHAT it is doing is written into code! Obviously! Arrgh!

    And no!
    // Because we need variables
    Is not good either!
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    @justwellbrock Funny how the dev wrote a comment, but named their variable "i"
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    Please don't declare your variables all on one line like that...
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