I feel fucked, I feel fucked right up in the ass.

Remember that app I had to do to get the job? I found out the other candidates weren't even able to install Android Studio and that their deadline was postponed. And that they weren't able to complete the app.

I did everything with a really good design, solid programming, even added animations and made it so the recyclerview loads 15 items at a time while you scroll down smoothly. I. DID. EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY. I missed a good night of sleep.

I didn't get the job. They gave it to a fucker that was a web developer. I saw his app. It was really crappy (I'm not being petty or malicious, it was really bad from a dev point of view and a user point of view).

I feel. Disappointed. in this unfair world. And honestly I feel disappointed to the point that I don't even know if I should be a developer anymore. I feel betrayed by the hopes and the good feeling I got from the oportunity.

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    What's the app do?
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    There are many others reasons people get employed. It’s not all down to how good you can code. Sucks I know but oh well move on you’ll find better things.
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    If they chose him instead of you, they don‘t deserve you! And my guess: he was cheaper!
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    First of all. Never do that shit anymore.

    A good developer doesnt waste his time to make something to prove himself.

    Seriously I will do an interview, even a second one. I might do a little test (max 1 hour..).

    If they would require me to be there a whole day or even 4 hours I will say: no.

    Those companies are not the type of places I want to work and I aint going to "prove" myself that hard to be worthy enough.
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    @DRHAX34 thats because they can't afford you.
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    2 things:

    Try to find out why they didn’t hire you

    If its a sensible reason learn for your next opportunity, Move the fuck on if its something bullshit
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    Thanks for all of your words everyone. Yep, shit happens and the other guy like you said, was probably cheaper. I'm never doing this shit again.
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    Bro I feel your pain. Happened to me just this week. I worked my ass off too. Hurts when employers cant see true potential in someone when they have worked so hard. Keep their project put it on your Github. show it off to potential future recruiters. Landing your first job is no joke. Iv been asked for my CV about 30 times in the last month. Got 2 interviews. Both shut me down due to lack of experience even though apparently In the words of the employer " I am a very talented front end developer". Doesnt mean shit if the person in front of you has 1 day more of experience. Pisses me off! Fuck everything up the ass and don't stop till you reach your goals!
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