My CTO told the COO and CEO i'd be finished SOC2 compliance by the end of December... On December 14th.

It takes 3 months to do the audit, let alone all the actual work. I hadn't even started yet.

He was fired shortly after that.

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    I like stories with happy endings.
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    @lungdart So have you finally completed it ?
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    @coldfire nah. It was a startup, and as soon as I was getting decent headway, the sale was lost and it wasn't important anymore.

    I think it lasted 10 more months than that. They laid everyone off a year ago.
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    He deserve it
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    I understand that being placed in an impossible situation by your CTO must be very uncomfortable and stressful. It's a good thing he's no longer with the company because his actions were misleading and unrealistic.
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