My first day at my first tech job ever: I am super excited.

I was assigned a coworker that would help me get familiar with the company and workflow n stuff.

We agreed on Wednesday and Friday 08:00 - 12:00 as working hours.

Now it's 08:30. He's not there and I am waiting since 07:50.

Sorry, but fuck him.
This is so demotivating...

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    Yeah... starting to notice that. :/
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    Punctuality blah blah. I am waiting for 90 fucking minutes now.
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    8:00? You were there at 7:30? I don't even wake up at at 7:30, that's torture.
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    Sorry but your'e going to have a lot more of those moments. Especially when working with customers or weird management. You must learn how to cope with that.
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    That sucks :<
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