I had just started as an SDE intern, and was fiddling around with the code base.

Me: Hey, can you send me the link to our version control system?
Mentor: Umm, what!?
Me: You know, where we keep our code backup...
Mentor: Hmm, is there a need for that?
Me: Yeah, I mean, my past experience tells me to always backup code, just in case something goes wrong.
Mentor: Ohh, that's easy. I'll teach you how I do it.

So, he comes to my workplace, and does this:
1. Go to your workspace folder.
2. Right click it.
3. Zip it.
4. Open outlook.
5. Compose email.
6. Attach the zip file.
7. Mail to yourself.
8. That's how it's done!

I was like what the hell!?!?! Is this really happening?? And then he started basking in his glory, as if he had taught me some secret hack! Seeing this, I couldn't even get myself to introduce him to git. That was the worst part.

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    better find a new job
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    @merlano17 The mentor left the company in a month, not sure why! 🙊
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    @swap Did you introduce a new culture? This probably ran deeper than one dev. How could management be ok with that?
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    @shittywebdev Turns out he never felt the need to use vcs, and the manager didn't know.
    Yepp, we now use SCRUM too. We have come a long way.
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    @swap thats a funny story which i can relate. i also got my first job 3 months ago in a small startup where i introduced them to Scrum, git and on the way to change our main development stack. at least my co-workers are skilled and open minded and our boss so we discuss everything open and equally in order to progress as company and as individuals. and i havent even finished my Bachelor's degree :D
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    haha what
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    Either run, really really fast, and please: do tell them about git. Don't refrain yourself because you worry about their response. If in doubt on how to phrase it, put in a a question: “Why don't we use git? Or a version control system altogether.” If your colleagues won't budge, challenge management. They might not even know about that time bomb in their system.

    Or just run.
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