That feeling when you hace your first talk with new lead QA, all the way from Microsoft:

QA (sitting at her new desk & PC): "How do I get the log in screen?"
Me (trying to be helpful): "Have you checked the machine is on?"
<QA checks>
QA: "How do I turn it on?"

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    You know what you need? This emoticon
    (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \)
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    Playing devils advocate here. ..
    Was it like a Mac? Because the Power Button is behind the screen in a random place and Hard to pinpoint.
    If it wasnt a Mac then there is no excuse
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    @ViktorZin nope. Standard issue dell tower desktop pc with the button decorated with the internationally recognised sign for power.
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    @DenzilPenburthy maybe the "lead QA" was testing your sanity?
    Fuckin "professionals" man,
    Cant get enough of them.
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    @ViktorZin lol no unfortunately not. Very much a repeated pattern
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