Can people at least write a damn comment and tell me why the fuck they don't like the app???

Yesterday I released an update and noticed someone left a new review, without comments, just a one star review.

First I was worried because maybe the update has some nasty bug, but no, this stupid user rated the app without leaving a comment, GREAT!!!

Now google only shows that specific review because the others were of an old version, so great, now anybody wanting to install my app will only see this shit.

If you already took the time to open the play store specifically to rate the app, fucking say something!!! insult me, say it's a bunch of crap but say something you piece of shit!

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    I hate people who bitch about the old version of an app being better after a new major release.

    Or people who 1★ because it doesn't have a feature they want.
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    Ooh what app? I have not reached my insult quota for the day.
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    @penderis 😂 that would be an improvement
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    Agreed, that’s the worst. IMO 1 star reviews should require actual feedback.
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