I'm literally the only one who locks the screen here at work.

Always makes me wanna do something to teach then.

My boss always leaves the screen unlocked with sublime opened and goes to lunch!
I think someday he was logged into production also...

And I'm like: seriously? wtf...

I lock my screen even when I'm home alone... yes I'm that paranoid...

No one is gonna "Greek question mark" me 😂

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    I do the same, bad things happen when others don't
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    At my old job, we not only had the policy to always lock your workstation, but our boss had a good sense of humor about pranking those who didn't follow the policy. One of the best pranks was Sending emails out as that person offering to teach a group zumba class to the entire team and getting 3 or 4 other coworkers to reply all 😂.
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    It should timeout and lock. Serious security concerns.
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    @brettmoan that's a light prank 😂
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    @Jumpshot44 indeed, but it seems to never lock 😂
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    I'm honestly starting to think that they don't know the shortcuts to lock it... they seem to lack passion to learn new things... :/
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    I'm going to be a stick in the mud here and ask you if your parents didn't teach you to leave other people's private property alone?

    Seriously, if you're watching everyone who doesn't lock their machines like a dog watching their food bowl, then you need to be given more work!
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    @GinjaNinja lol, we all sit side by side, I don't have to spy on them to see anything, I just have to be there to notice .
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    It's a trust exercise. Don't be a dick.
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    @noda okay. what have been concerned with security and possible code messing by someone with bad intentions have to do with trust in a workplace?

    if someone with bad intentions come and simply fucks their code they are gonna spend a whole bunch of time trying to solve it.

    And also the part of leaving unattended ssh connections to a root user to the production environment.

    I'm not unlocking their screen neither I am doing anything besides walk on the workplace and notice computer unlocked with I go from one place to the other.

    Am I missing something? If the computers are insecurely unlocked I have to look the other way or I'm a dick? lol
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    @azous correct. Your coworkers don't want the stress of not feeling safe in their place of work among the people they trust.
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    It's a light hearted exercise to teach people to lock their machines to prevent something more serious from happening.

    Its a little bit of harmless fun that if anything brings the team closer together.
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    @nblackburn yeah, probably gonna talk to them :) thx
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    @noda you have a point. It would be great to live in a world full of trust.

    But its the real world, you might as well leave your firewall down and trust everyone.
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    @azous you can't compare the two. People on the other side of the firewall are external, where as people in your office are internal and people close to you. You need to be able to trust the people around you.
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    @noda by this reasoning you might as give everyone in the company full root access. I mean, cause no one is ever going to malicious.

    Or another example, culture where people frequently don't lock their computer, and person 1 either just got let go, hates person 2, or got really pissed off(whether at person 2 or in general). Person 1 could then cause serious harm using person 2's unlocked computer. It's bad practice from not only a security perspective and an accountability perspective. Most large and/or mature companies will require employees to lock their computer and not doing so makes that user liable for anything done from their unlocked computer.
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    At my job if we get caught with an unlocked computer we have to take a security class with a test at the end of it.
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    @brettmoan the company already has serious issues before this point if employees don't get along and act out as children.
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