Lord help me, I think I might be getting into keyboard modding.

All I really wanted to do was repair the keyboard I've used for the last 10 years. I didn't realize there was a whole hobby surrounding it.

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    Kinda want to hack my own using a Teensy or Arduino. Why shouldn't my keyboard run at 600MHz (Teensy)?
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    one of us… ONE OF US
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    @sleepyObjobjobj It really is addicting.

    https://newegg.com/black-cooler-mas... is my keyboard.

    I unsoldered, greased, and resoldered all 104 of the original cherry mx brown keys that the keyboard was built with and it's a night and day difference of sound and texture. It gave this 10 year old keyboard another 10 years or more.

    I now have an opinion on linear vs tactile - tactile is my choice every day of the week.

    I'm now waiting on stabilizers because the sounds of the large keys are now unpleasant compared to the rest. Unfortunately, the pcb only supports a single LED so I can't do an LED mod. I'm pondering how I might pull it off though.

    I also ordered new rubber feet so I can keep it from sliding around so easily.

    I've spent probably $200 or more learning how to preserve the $75 keyboard from 2015. If you include the extras I bought as spares, I've spent nearly $400. I really love this keyboard.
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    welcome to the cult i mean club!
    this is my pretty lady 🥰
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    Is that custom?

    I really want to build my own from scratch now with LEDs and a screen and hot swappable keys. Part for fun and part so I can mix up my workday. Years and years and years of typing gets a little boring.
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    yes. i got all the parts from a site i can’t remember- but most of the kit was made by Monsgeek. they’re the most affordable i’ve seen while still being high quality. i don’t think they currently have leds though.

    switches are by Akko.
    keycaps are a whole different can of beans- can’t offer any references there i’m afraid. just go bananas \o/
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