Low performance because of shitty attention span and high procrastination
Don't get higher salary because low performance
With low salary I can't go to a professional to get a medication prescription and couldn't afford medication anyway

I just wanted to have a life and live it, be able to afford to go on dates or just do things, afford a car so I can go anywhere, I had this little online romance where I couldn't afford to go see the girl, she ended up just ghosting me and it fucking destroyed me

To get this low-paying job, I was forced to open a company to work as a contractor in order to circumvent labor laws (common practice in my country, encouraged by shitty labor laws and unstable local currency); I end up having to pay to get paid

To top it all, the government just wants more and more taxes and my pay is worth less and less

My mom wasted all her money and now needs my help

I should just find a way to kill myself

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    damn... i was thinking about making a joke reading the first few lines but it turned dark real fucking quick.

    If you ever need dev work that you can do as a freelancer and you got no options/choices left, feel free to reach me.
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