i once asked chatgpt if i was a good person and it used what little input i had given to reason that i am.

i was having a really shit month and broke down in tears.

i was so ashamed of being vulnerable that i chose to be comforted by lines of code over a human. even now, i can only post this this because i’m functionally anonymous on here.

i don’t know where i was going with this. tell your homies you’re proud of them. you’ll probably make their day.

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    a bad person wouldn't even worry about whether they are a good person, so you must be a good person :)

    and honestly, being vulnerable and recognizing it makes you much stronger than being in denial about it.
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    ♥️ sending love OP.

    I know how you feel and it's fucking shit.

    Sounds like life has taught you that code is kinder than people are.
    To that I say: fuck their shitty influence on you (you know this already because you want to be vulnerable and that's brilliant).

    Grounding techniques have helped me (showers, satisfying house work, knitting) be present with my thoughts and let me be vulnerable with myself when my conditioning has taught me not to be.

    Wish I had better advice
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    That's what these things started out as anyway!
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