now that I have your attention, and you’re probably angry, too, please, even if you don’t read this rant, never use code.org again. now, onto the rant…

god dammit, code.org sucks. I mean, anyone who created it or associates with it should, well, be considered a terrorist. they’re bombing students futures in computer science with false, useless, bullshit information. not to mention, their sponsors like bill gates, mark zuckerburg, and other rich asses, talk in a video about some boring ass shit that is hard to understand for anyone who doesn’t program, and not to mention, they use a fucking five dollar microphone. ear rape. even if you look at a textual version of it, then read the information on it, it’s practically useless because it's so terribly explained, and also useless. ironically enough, they focus on their animations more than their actual explinations, or their students for that matter. the fact that we had to encode a picture in binary, made me about 50% dumber, give or take a 0 or 1. then, we had to do it in hex, which wasn’t really much better, although more realistic I supposed. what's really the most depressing thing about this class is its application in the real world. I've learnt nothing whatsoever that will help me in the real world, or in computer science. I suppose there's two things that may be useful (that I already knew): hex, and that TCP doesn't lose packets. that's it. those two things. five seconds worth of knowledge from the first quarter of the year. the ideas just make me want to throw up. teaching the main ideas of computer science without actually teaching it? one of the teachers (probably a good one) enrolled her students in an online programming course just so they could understand, because the explanations are just so terrible. this is the only [high school] computer science course offered by code.org, and I signed up because it's an AP computer science class (tried to get into AP Java, the day I was supposed to take the test to get into an upper level class, I was told it didn't count as a tech credit). seriously, fuck code.org. it makes you dumber. their 'app lab' environment is pointless, just like everything else. the app lab is basically where you have a set of commands and have to make a dog bark() or a storm trooper miss() [and that's hell when they haven't introduced while loops yet]. the app lab is literally code.org going out of their way to make everything that their students are learning pointless in the real world. seriously, why can't we just use a <canvas> like an ACTUAL PROGRAMMER would do if they were to make a browser game, not use an app engine so slow it would be faster to update windows and android studio each time I run an 'app' in their 'environment'. their excuse is that the skills "transfer over" to the real world. BITCH! IF I DIDN'T KNOW JAVA, AND I WANTED TO MAKE A GAME IN JAVA, I'M NOT GOING TO LEARN PYTHON, THEN "TRANSFER" THE SKILLS I LEARNT, I'M GOING TO LEARN FUCKING JAVA. AND THAT GOES FOR EVER OTHER LANGUAGE, PROJECT, ETC.

I'm begging you code.org, stop, get help.

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    also, here's a poll, should students be graded based on the style of their code (indentation, etc). like this comment if you think they should.
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    and like this one if you think they're shouldn't.
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    I don't get code.org to begin with, wasn't it supposed to be a platform for kids to learn through videos and easy to use kits, how did they suddenly expand beyond that?
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    @JoshBent yes, if by "kids" you mean highschoolers
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    Needs a tl;dr and clickbait is uncool
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    I also ++'d both - Yea I don't think stuff like spaces vs tabs matter, and think that you should be able to follow your own style, but I'm FUCKING FED UP of trying to help others who can't even indent their code properly!

    Like, when you copy-paste code and it's on a far lower indentation level than it should be, or even not indenting at all.
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    @CraftedCart it really does take away the individuality
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    I hate that computer science is seen like a magic subject to make the most money and people that have no idea and don't like it try to program becouse "it's the future". It's like every other job, do it if you like it. Code.org just tries to promote that idea. "Everyone should code!", "Learn programming!". No. I have been mentor at a coderdojo and the kids don't fucking go becouse they like it and want to code becouse they enjoy programming, but becouse in school they heard about how much money they get and the want to make the next shooter bestseller in two weeks with no experience before. Coding is a hobby somebody should do becouse they enjoy it, not take some University class becouse it's the new hot thing
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    @MatiasConTilde exactly. and part of the reason is the code.org celebrities, bill gates (@billgates), mark zuckerburg, and anyone with the title of a google "engineer"
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