Load from one of my company servers.

We need scaling. Fast. Really fast.

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    What happend to make it spike like that?
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    maybe make sure the server gets helped to its needs more often, will make the load smaller.
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    @PrivateGER Way too many requests that reached the server in one moment and they produced a domino effect which resulted in such load
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    @marthulu in this case only additional servers will help. This happened only because there were more requests than this server can handle
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    @beriba my comment was actually a naughty joke 😅
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    @marthulu Ok, I get it now :D That was a good one :D
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    @marthulu Here I was, thinking it was all innocent
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    That almost looks like the spike I have in incoming nginx connections that time a company switched ISP, their previous static IP was released into the pool of dynamic IP's, my home network got that ip, I have a raspberry pi serving a static page (a clock) to unknown subdomains/domains. They forgot to change their DNS for a week, and suddenly I had 7 million people that had looked at my entirely green page with a clock on it that week...
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    @swantzter hahaha that company is lucky your page only showed clock and not some random picked jokes lol
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    @gitpush I mean, at day 3 I considered replacing it with a 301 to %randomPornSite%...
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    @swantzter and your IP will be first result on Google search 😛
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    > cancel load
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    @marthulu Please don't write documentation on how load balancers work...
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