i have not been able to get a single error message to show up for hours. not one console log or warning.

i’m ok.



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    ok. i feel better now
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    Sounds like the logger is broken?

    Try writing to disk or print to screen or something as early on in the applications process as possible

    Does the debugger run?

    What language?
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    Is your program even running?
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    I tried to play around with a Raspberry Pi Pico W. Every time I make a request to it, there is an error, this error is then attempted to be printed to the console but something keeps going wrong and it disconnects from my machine and I can't see the output, struggled for a couple days and gave up 😅
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    after more troubleshooting, i figured out the problem

    i needed a plugin.. to use my plugin

    the project is now in the garbage :)
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