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    Or even in 2009..
  • 35
    @CDn0mad even 4 months ago would do
  • 37
    Buying bitcoin in 2008 and selling them when they were at ~4$...
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    They will probably raise further... Governments trying to get rid of money, so crypto currencies will become more popular when people do not want to be tracked on buying stuff...
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    A close relative of mine did. 5 of them to be exact. But his HDD broke before he could sell them... 😔
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    @Dacexi he could've had bought a nice car now
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    Not buying/trading more bitcoin when it was around the $150-200 mark
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    I considered to buy btc at 300-400$ a few years ago but decided it was too expensive.
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    What’s a bit
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    Really regretting not knowing about it at all.
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    What if we say the same thing about 2017 in 2026?
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    Ethereum is probably the way to go now.. Any hints about it?
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    I think this project has potential https://iota.org
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    Sold at 2k sad. :(
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    Bitcoin was introduced in 2k9
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    The definition of 'oh fuck'
  • 2
    Lose a wallet with 4 btc purchased at 1€ each . Sigh.
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    @Linux thanks for the 500th increment, my dear dude
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    @Dacexi data forensics! Get these bitcoins from there, no matter how much will the data recovery cost the current price of BTC will cover it!
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    My regrets for 2014 :(

    Thought it was a silly joke back then I was introduced to it
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    Selling Bitcoin at any point in time
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