python isn’t so bad i guess…

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    Wait until you check out the pubsub modules. Very useful for isolating code. I had a lot of fun with that module.
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    it's leagues above javascript.
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    @tosensei HEY.
    ……. yeah
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    Who said it is bad? Although it is, but less bad than everything else.
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    Python is the worst language to exist
    shit syntax + more inconsistencies than even js + slow af + dynamically typed (spaghetti code that noone can maintain after > 100 lines)

    Anyone claiming something else is delusional
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    @devRancid the syntax is a matter of personal taste. i prefer braces, but it does have a certain elegance..

    as for "more inconsistencies than even js" - no. no single language is worse than javascript in any way. not even MUMPS

    i agree on slow, though.

    and you forgot the terrible, awful, criminally bad import system.
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    @ukuli my only frame of reference is javascript :’|

    i remembered i still had everything installed for python and figured, “why not actually try coding something”.
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    @tosensei i’m sorry- are you saying there’s a programming language written by … Massachusetts?

    as in, the state?
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    @sleepyObjobjobj i'm not saying that. wikipedia is saying that.

    it's known as "the epitome of a bad language". but it's still better than JS. it just didn't have enough of a monopoly in its space to bring the stockholm syndrome to those transcendent levels that JS-developers obviously have.
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    @tosensei i learned a new thing today
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