Why do you root your phone?

My original reason was to enable things my restrictive carrier prohibited, like tethering. But now that carrier is years behind me. On my previous phone, I rooted to disable onerous pre-installed software. On my current phone, I see no reason to root it at all, except maybe to try out some roms.

How about you?

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    I have a couple of other odds and ends (Adaway) but if it weren't for that I probably wouldn't bother.
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    Exposed framework. ROM development. Playing around with kernels and learning how they work. Removing bloatware. Skinning my phone and customising it however I want. Tonne of automation apps to choose from. Free services.
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    Adaway... it is so good to not see those pesky ads on application UI hindering the usability of the interface 😑

    Xposed framework as well if ur device supports it... I hate having landscape keyboard take full screen ( played a lot of games )
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    Last phone: iOS. Its lack of customizability is reason enough.

    Current phone: Android, so rather severe privacy concerns. If I talk about Samsung SSDs a bit and later type "Samsung" into Google, it suggests "Samsung SSDs" as the first option. This has happened enough with topics of varied popularity (and obscure topics as well) that I'm now extremely wary of what I say around my phone. As soon as I have a few free days, I'm going to install a custom ROM and block all Google services.
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    Too much bloatware and things that "would like to read my $everything" within the manufacturer's ROM, also, too many Google Services.
    Rooting to remove all this, also had a time when I'd like to try custom ROMs.
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    Everyone with super valid points, then there's me who wants to change navbar colors and remap the bixby button without the delay of app-based solutions.

    Also custom ROMs.
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    My first reason was because of storage issues, I had minimal internal storage and couldn't install any more apps so I found out about linking them to the external storage, nowadays I use it for apps that need root, like titanium backup, f.lux, HEBF Battery Optimizer, ...
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    @theNox ++ for HEBF its boosting my battery life from 1 day to 3/4!

    Basically custom rom with root functions, tasker automation, mi band remotes and a lot more, I'll never again get an unrootable phone, its just too nice to have everything on the phone unlocked and controlled by tasker.
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    I don't. I bought a pixel so that I wouldn't have to in order to keep up with new releases. If I didn't have a pixel, that would be why. Those old Android devices don't get patched frequently enough when you have a third party putting crap on the os.
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