Today I discovered that Betheme for Wordpress stores data base64 encoded in the database. Meaning you can't just do a search replace when you migrate a site to a different domain. That combined with Chrome based browsers not loading mixed security assets, but Firefox (the browser I use) does, makes for a confusing trouble ticket.

You have to change the setting to serialize sanely, then go into every post and save to update the stored data. Fortunately, the site is new so I only had one page to update, but I can't imagine the headache an established site would be to migrate.

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    Most ppl storing stuff as base64 don't do it because they have to, but because they have a skill issue and don't know about the proper escaping function
    And it needlessly bloats it to 4/3 the size
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    @devRancid That does not surprise me in the slightest.

    A little update. It turns out there are about 40 affected pages that I have to go into and update. So my Friday is going to be nice and productive.
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    Could you not pull any b64 data, decode, search and replace, re-encode, and push back to the db? Seems like it'd be pretty trivial to do programmatically, if you don't mind making custom tooling... and assuming the database is sane for use externally.
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