many established digital artists i follow recommend using traditional mediums (ie. pencil, pen, etc) every now and then to improve. it's another way to strengthen your foundations, like drawing boxes or a page of parallel lines.

is there an equivalent in coding? something you return to whenever you feel like you're stagnating or veering into "bad practices" territory?

the only thing i can think of is this video i am strongly encouraged to watch every year:
a talk about event loops by philip roberts.

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    Pick up a new language and write something in it. The language will naturally lend itself to different patterns, and you’ll find yourself writing (and therefore thinking about) things in a new way. Keeps your mind fresh.
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    @Root i tried picking up react native and it spit on me and called my mother a whore
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    i sometimes code on paper sheets. feels very natural.
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    build another 2d game rendering (not engine since it only does rendering of sprites and tileset) yet again lol
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