3 hours of missed texts and emails and notification.

3 hours.

If the iPhone can't function as a phone after it connects to a samba share, then maybe they shouldn't include that option.

Try telling people that you're not actually ignoring them and that it's this precious pile of garbage that people only like because the TV tells them to.

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    iOS has some strange bugs that have me wonder how on Earth those two things are able to affect each other. (Another: https://9to5mac.com/2019/01/... )

    Must be some real spaghetti.
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    @lorentz What a dumpster fire.
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    @aviophille ikr - all devs need intimate, sensual time with a computer at least once a day otherwise their genitals fall off
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    @jestdotty There's little concern of that considering they can just pay to lock out competitors. And if they do risk being overtaken, they'll just sue the other guy out of business or outright buy them. Failing that, they'll resort to good old fashioned sabotage.

    That's how things have worked for basically the entire tech age, with increasing refinement, which is why there are no real options with OSs, phones, hardware, etc.
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    apple isn’t the marketing poster child for nothin
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