The day has finally come! I was waiting for Firefox Quantum for me to make the switch from Chrome. I like the new design and it is definitely zippy. Loving it thus far!

Muuuuch lower RAM usage too. This is especially great for me since my Internet is slow and I only have 4GB RAM.

I just used the program from the download itself. Mint for some reason still uses 54 by default, which came out in 2015. Anyone know how to switch panel icons? I want the fancy new icon on my taskbar.

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    Same for me. I'm switching back to Firefox after almost an year of using Chrome, and I'm thinking about taking this opportunity to switch to duckduckgo too.
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    @shellbug yeah I did the same. DDG is already one of the defaults, so I just removed all the others. Overall my RAM is still pretty full but sitting Firefox I estimate at least 500mb savings on identical loads from my current use.
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