I no longer give a single flying fuck about whether this company I work for lives or dies, whether it succeeds or fails. My compensation has been piss poor compared to the level of dedication I have put in and the level of stress I've endured. Up until now, I was thinking like "well, it's a growing startup, maybe if it succeeds it can have some doors open for me". But fuck it.

I keep hearing about software developers doing pretty well for themselves, but I can barely pay my fucking bills with this shit company in this shit country.

I should've started doing this sooner, and I'm a stupid-ass motherfucker for not having been doing it, but I'll be looking for jobs with actual respectable pay now. I'm not bound by a notice time in my contract, so maybe I'll be telling whatever other companies that I can start with them immediately if they need me to.

Seriously fuck this company and its low-ass compensation. If I'm going to be paid this low, I might as well take a less stressful job with less skill requirements.

I will be jumping ship and I won't be caring one bit if it fucking sinks.

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    Fuck em OP

    If my employer went under, here's what I'd miss:
    * The refactoring and testing work we've been doing as it's paying off handsomely rn and I ain't finished harvesting that crop
    * My skilled and kind team and the other great people I work with
    * The flexible working hours (e.g. can sort of move work around appointments and stuff) land working remote all the time
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    Yeah being underappreciated sucks. Compliments don't count.

    Loved it when I left one company that underpaid me and they started insulting my work ethic suddenly lol, sore losers should've played better I guess! There really wasn't any other way around it. You gotta leave people who can't appreciate.
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    @Alexanderr yeah, your take seems reasonable

    I should be careful about what attitude I carry with myself, at least while I'm still in this company
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    Jump ship. With a handsome salary bump and a different stack
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    > I should've started doing this sooner, and I'm a stupid-ass motherfucker for not having been doing it

    Don't be too hard on yourself. I feel you, but please remind yourself, we make decisions based on what we think is the best at that current moment.

    Anw, go ahead, OP! Do what's best for you!
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